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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stephenie Meyer's Edward


It's that time of the year when fans of the "Twilight Franchise" are buckling up in anticipation for a wide ride in the wagon of another Twilight movie. Some fans are getting out their books to refresh their memories. Others are buying tickets before the big opening in movie theaters. As we all can observe, these are mostly girls and women. Why do the guys seem to act as though they can never be caught uttering the name of a Twilight character? I will say it is because of the hype surrounding the central character, Edward. Edward is like the standard that no man can reach. Of course this comparison will not be fair as he is a fictional non-human. But is it so wrong for some guys to try to find out what fascinates girls about these books and pick up to read? Who knows, Edward might give them some pointers about what some women want. I'm sure I've angered some guys with my previous sentence as they would not admit in a million years that they need a self-help book about relationships and a fictional book at that. This is just me saying that it is not wrong for a guy to read Twilight. It is not an all-women book.

Basically guys, ask yourselves why girls are so in love with Edward. Don't say because he's a vampire. Man up, pick up the books, and find out. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor) 

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