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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is Style Becoming For African Boys?

I remembered as a kid when I stumbled upon US magazines and admired the clothes and jewelries. Then not long, I noticed those same styles around me. It's no surprise how the West influences fashion in African countries. What bothers me is when Africans take it too far. Sometimes, this emphasizes the lack of originality and makes an on-looker either laugh out loud or cringe. I had been looking at Facebook pictures as I was eating my delicious palm oil rice and almost choked. It would have been bad for me because my food was extra peppery  but it would have been worth it because that picture deserved my reaction. Tears rolling down my eyes, laughing out loud, I shouted, "Naija boys have done it again!" In the picture three boys were posing in a stance that only could have been copied from runway models that may have been showing off their clothes. All three boys wore four colors in common but had them matched differently. Orange, pink, red and white. Boy one, in his majestic stance and sheepish smile had a white jacket and pink pants and an orange vest. Boy two, had the orange jacket and orange pants with the red vest. He had white shades on and did the peace sign with his left had. He didn't smile as though his happiness was going to lessen the seriousness of his outfit. Boy three, had a red jacket, red vest, and white pants. He wore red square framed glasses and topped off his look with the "duck face." I think he should have left out that duck face, maybe he would have looked semi proper. I looked for a caption that said something like, "hey guys it's a joke." But no, there was no caption. I couldn't imagine where they had gone looking like that. A party or a wedding maybe but this was just too much for the eyes and the world of fashion as a whole. Anyway, I agreed with a commentator from the picture that said, "leave the color blocking to the ladies." We ladies sometimes can be a mismatched mess but we can defend ourselves if the need arises…

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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