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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pajamas - Indoors Only

I get tired of going to classes and seeing some people in their PJs. I understand the need to rush when you're late for classes. But I do not understand why you cannot change from your sleepwear to another outfit. In my Opinion, it's better to wear crumpled and rumpled outfit than some colored sleepwear with teddies and princesses on the fabric. We all know what PJs are for and we all know that the only place you can wear them is indoors. Why wear them at public places? Giving anyone the idea that you just rolled out of bed is definitely not cool. Public PJ wearers, take my advice and prepare ahead so that if you need to rush, you'll have an outfit ready for you into slip the next day.

(ukoemem - Author, Ola Y - Editor)

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