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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Broaden your intellect with the computer in your pocket

Recently, I have dared to dream of things that seem impossible but life has shown the impossible turning 180 degrees for some people. The wish list in my head keeps growing as I browse through the internet or view things happening around the world through social media. For someone like me who never cared about traveling, I've started imagining being in cool places after glimpses of photos by people who've visited those places. Constraints, like money and time, pop into my head and then the thought, "urgh, maybe someday," slips out of my tongue. Then I wonder, "when is this someday going to be?" Life is not certain. But instead of feeling down about not being able to travel and learning more about the world, I travel through internet posts. I am grateful to those who share their experiences of different parts of the world through photos, video clips, and written words.

I have broadened my intellect by not limiting myself to a certain area. I cannot be narrowed down to a person who only likes a certain kind of music or book or person. No way! The world is rich and I have the opportunity to learn more about it on my phone. In our time, we are lucky to have technological advances that have given us access to so much but most of us are still limiting ourselves and embracing ignorance. We have an opportunity to reach out virtually but we still focus on mundane things and marvel only in the selfies that we want to post online.

I can't pin-point the exact moment I decided to embrace more than the things I liked. I'm still quite picky but I have grown to understand that knowledge is power and I don't have to wait for that knowledge to be imparted to me by someone when I have the opportunity to gain it through clicking buttons. Maybe being a writer is one of the reasons why I have the urge to want to know more. The characters in my books are complex and to make them believable, I do a lot of research. I have learned so much but learning is a fun life-time task and so, here is to learning new things everyday.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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