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Friday, October 28, 2011

Clash of the Prints


What is happening to the fashion police, stylists, and fashion advisers out there? Have you all forgotten that your job is to make your clients look good or try to teach individuals out there that there are some major no nos that should never be attempted? I understand the need to stand out but can't you stand out by dressing well and having people look up to you instead of close their eyes on the eyesore of an outfit? I don't understand the horrible dressing trend going around. The outfits are not coordinated and there is always a clash of prints, colors, patterns, and fabric. If you don't dress bizarre you can't be a fashionista? When did it get here? There were some models, designers, and stylists I use to look up to but I don't seem to undersatnd their fashion direction anymore. Halloween is around the corner and people are picking up some celebrity styles for Halloween - what a shame. One should aspire to dress like celebs on a daily basis and not wait till Halloween. This gesture shows the level at which people think of your style. I won't even talk about Lady Gaga because if she decides to change right now people will have heart attacks. Nicki Minaj can cause seizures so I hope she never goes to visit her fans in the hospital. Please people, it is one thing to dress like a clown because you have a show. It is another to dress like that continously and have people gawking at you. Do you really think the grown ups admire your style? They are afraid of their children taking after the zombie tattered styles. I use to like Rihanna's style, right now I'm questioning my sanity. I guess if the outfit is complete it's not for her. If we leave abnormal fashion for shows and dress up like we know what where we are and what we're doing, fashion will not turn out to be an eyesore. I'm not saying everyone has to look classy all the time. Some people attempt the grunge look and pull it off. What do you call a look that makes you sick at the spot? Stylists, do your job. If your clients still insist on some horrible less coordinated look, let them know that they do not need you if they don't let you do your job. If you comply to their wishes, believe me, your name will be attached to the messy look and you will be a contributor to the falling fashion. Designers get creatively smart. People, try not to make your neighbor sick from looking at you.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Sunday, October 23, 2011



Born Heather, now Dita and well known for her "Old Hollywood" glamorous look, she manages to keep the eye ball of both male and female on her when she enters a room or walks on the street. Her ability to capture the attention of people is not as a result of the hideousness of her outfit, no, but more about how she is able to make it work. Yes, this is not the 1940s but haven't you noticed that fashion is in reverse mode? Trends of the past are returning. But some people are overdoing it and some people are getting it correctly. In this time when some people are becoming handicap to dressing well, Dita Von Teese doesn't have a problem with continuing to impress us with her style. She is single-handedly resurrecting the forgotten looks. She took up this classic retro style from her fascination with the early 1900 cinema and Hollywood films and her fans are definitely not complaining. Instead it's actually a thing to look forward to. "Is Dita Von Teese showing up? Let's she how she's going to dress today."

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Cause


When I was into newspapers, I always looked for the cartoon sections. I liked how if a cartoon character gets an idea, it is illustrated with a light bulb on the top of the characters' head. I just experienced my light bulb moment. My mind is not new to getting ideas, in fact, I get more than I think my head can handle, and for a while I have put so much thought into Causes. What Cause I'm I really passionate about. Where can I be most comfortable contributing some money and smiling in the end? All Causes are worth my contribution if they are after positive results but passion drives people more. What can I say I'm most passionate about helping and voicing out concerns for? I look around and see those who are into fighting for the sustainability of the environment, some for animals, some to bring awareness and fight against diseases such AIDS, cancer, and lime. Some people support Causes helping impoverished and disaster stricken countries. I will support one against hunger. Yes hunger. I came across an article and the photo I saw kept me up. I'm not one to throw my food away but all I could think of was sharing. I'm sure if I gave that child a biscuit I'll see a huge smile, I thought. How can I help? I know I'm too busy to think of starting a foundation as many people have began to do but I can look for an active foundation and contribute to it. Make sure their goals align with mine and keep them updated on where the joy can be spread. I may not have much but I certainly have the energy to do fund raising. Host a fashion show for the cause. Did I hear do it? There are people out there in real need. Many would work to earn a living if they had the opportunity. But in situations where the land is barren or there is war and no means to grow and get food what happens? Exactly. This is when aid is needed. If you read this and you've thought of helping out in ways you can, please find some time and look into active organizations and foundations you can contribute to. The life you'll be saving will definitely be thankful to you. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The September Issue

I will not keep you thinking too long about the title of this blog. Yes, it refers to the American Vogue Magazine's September Issue. There is a movie in that name that is like a documentary style film about Anna Wintour, the chief editor of American Vogue, Grace Coddington, the creative director, and staff who make Vogue Magazine the masterpiece it really is. Why is the month of September issue of American Vogue Magazine so powerful? Well for starters, the size of the issue is very intimidating. It is the largest issue every year and it takes a lot of work and money to put together. The movie, The September Issue, shows you what you do not know about how magazines are assembled for fashion and business lovers. But there is a lot more that goes into magazine production that was left out of the movie and only perceptive viewers can notice. It was the psychological and emotional aspects and contributions everybody from the models, to the photographers, designers, and planners put into the magazine. I love acquiring magazines and I cannot tell you that I truly understand the hard work that makes it possible for the magazines to appear on the shelves of stores on a weekly basis. But what I can tell you is that I have looked, listened, learned, seen, and come to the conclusion that it is not easy at all. If you see me in an argument on fashion and I'm pretty riled up, you should know that I am standing for fashion magazines that are not given enough credit. Some people think it's all about assembling models and taking pretty pictures. They forget that the planning takes a while and to bring a vision to life is an extraordinary thing to achieve. As an artist, I think about a picture in my head. If I am able to interpret that in paper or canvas, I celebrate afterwords. If photographers or clothing designers are able to translate their thoughts and visions to the physical, they feel that they have achieved a lot. If you're not into magazines, do not ruin the intellect or vision that goes into producing magazines by ridiculing it. Appreciate the fact that some people are glad to have others make it for them. These magazines are cheaper than hiring stylists or sometimes paying for counseling. Yes, there are advice columns in these magazines if you look. If you're interested in trends, they are there. New products - ones that are good and bad for you, you can find them. If you just want to make a collage with pretty colors and nice outfits, well all you need is a pair of scissors. I don't look at Fashion magazines as the holy bible but I certainly look at it as a work of art that actually serves many purposes I'm interested in. Fashion magazines can do this for you and more.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Runway Designs Become Wearable

Maybe the economy has hit hard and designers are cutting back on runway-outfits-only because they hang and decay after a runway show and Lady Gaga cannot afford to be the only customer. Or maybe designers are thinking twice and focusing on what will sell after a fashion show. I have noticed an interesting trend in recent runway shows and designers are doing away with the crazy and bringing outfits that you see Celebs wearing a day after a fashion show. It is nice that certain outfits aren't only for the runway or for the models. They are wearable for all as long as you can afford them and adjust them. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor; NYT - Photos)

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