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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Suit

It is my birthday and someone overhears my friends say happy birthday to me.
Someone: Are you going to celebrate in your birthday suit?
Me: (Puzzled) I didn't buy one
Someone/Friends: (Laughing)
Me: (Still puzzled and never thought anything of it until...)

A few days later, I was listening to Usher's "Yeah" when I heard the phrase "I won't stop till I get them in their birthday suit" in Ludacris' rap. I immediately went to look it up because I figured it was some kind of style of suit worn on birthdays. I found out that it actually meant to wear nothing. It still did not make sense to me why "birthday suit" would mean naked. Then I read on and it was explained that you are born naked, hence "birth day suit." 

I know I usually include photos on my blog for the purpose of illustration. Sorry I have to refrain from doing that this time considering the topic.

(ukoemem - Author, Ola Y - Editor)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


For this post, I have decided to share something interesting. I do not know what it is exactly. It will be a photo. At the end of this post, you'll see a link to it. I will find this thing by surfing the internet. You can call me a surfer for the duration of my photo search even though I won't be dealing with real waves (bad joke). Anyway, I will just go to random places on the internet and find something that is interesting to me. I may find something you may have seen or may not have seen, but to those who are seeing this for the first time, enjoy!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Boys Talk Lip balm, Lip stick, 'n' Lip Gloss

I was chatting with both female and male friends and our chat took an interesting turn. We started talking about girls' lips and why girls feel plain without anything on their lips. There are different reasons why girls wear lip balms, lip sticks, or lip glosses. The lip balm is worn to moisturize the lips and keep it from cracking and drying. The lip stick and the lip gloss are worn more for the purpose of beautifying the lips.

While the boys appreciate the gesture, they don't want to have anything to do with the lip gloss. Most of them absolutely hate the fact that girls wear such "sticky stuff which can be annoying when we kiss," explains one of the boys. Girls, take the hint. While the boys are not thrilled with lip glosses, they called lip sticks sexy and could overlook it except a black colored one. Lip balms pass in flying colors especially the minty ones. Now girls, are you going to ignore the complaints and ask the boys to shove it or are you going to be more considerate?

(ukoemem - Author, Ola Y - Editor)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Try the Tie


A speaker once came to one of the classes I attended and even though I cannot remember what his speech was about, I still remember his tie. He had a black suit on and a white dress shirt underneath, but his tie stood out because it was extremely multicolored. The tie had the primary and secondary colors combined and it totally made a statement. I am noticing daily that scarves are not the only neck accessories that can add playful, bold, edgy, or glam to an outfit. Ties are taking those characteristics again like the 1940s and more men of these days are embracing them. It does not matter if the ties are long, short, wide, or thin; worn on suits or over jeans. As long as they are not plain and boring, then they are truly functioning as an accessory. So guys, show your versatility and wear more crazy-patterned ties.

(ukoemem - Author, Ola Y - Editor)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Silly Woo/ Pick up Lines

Vote for "The Best Silly Woo/ Pick-Up Lines"

I feel for some guys who think they have to come up with pick up lines to get girlfriends. While some lines work, some tend to be pitiful. I found some lines hilarious and decided to share them with you. Vote and leave a comment for the pick up line you think is the best for being silly. 

1) Do you have a GPS? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!

2) Can I search your purse? I believe you have stolen my heart.

3) If looks could kill I won't last a second.

4) Call God cuz heaven is missing an angel!

5) I'm Mr. Right, someone said you were looking for me.

6) Didn't I see you on the cover of Vogue?

7) Excuse me, but I think I dropped something. MY JAW!

8) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'll put U and I together.

9) You are the sole ant on my cube of sugar.

10) You can fall off a building, you can fall of a cliff, but baby, the best way to fall is in love with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


photo7 1

When you watch classic movies that show 1800s Europe, you see the actresses donning elegant corseted outfits. Then when those actresses are asked about their outfits, you commonly hear, "I couldn't breathe in it." This is because they wore very tight corsets. Women wanted to flaunt their shapes because men loved the look. I understand that corsets are flattering on women, giving them the hour-glass shape that most men love or as some people say, the "figure eight" shape. But as they say, to achieve beauty can be painful. Ladies usually need help when wearing a traditional corset because it is designed to be tight in order to achieve an hour-glass shape. What surprises me is that people hardly raise the health problems that may arise from wearing such pain-causing outfit. I was surprised to learn that even in the 1500s, Catherine de' Medici banned thick waists from court attendance. Who the heck is she you may ask? Well, she was the wife of the King of France. Given the era, I guess she had the right to make such a decision. I am glad that designers of the 21st century have come up with body-friendly corsets that won't kill you before you flaunt your figure.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Nate

I am honored to share with you a musical talent; Nate Laningham. He composes, sings, and plays instruments that result in masterpieces. Skeptical? I have proof. Look out for Nate people because he knows his stuff and that's a great start for launching a long-lasting career.

Please Introduce Yourself, what you do, and how you got into it

Hi! My name is Nate Laningham, I live in Austin, TX, and I’m a musician. I started playing music when I was about 8 years old. My Mom introduced me to the piano and taught me for a couple years. It wasn’t until I was about 12 years old though
t that I got really serious about music. My Dad used to write music for advertisements back in the 80’s, and I stumbled upon some of his old synthesizers and started playing around. I wrote my first song that day, and I instantly fell in love. I wrote solo piano music for awhile, then I picked up a guitar one day and I knew I had found my weapon of choice. I started a metal band and we bashed about for a while before I decided to go to college. I began studying music composition while in college, and I began writing as much music as I possibly could. I covered a variety of genres (not all endeavors were successful I might add). I wrote for orchestral groups as well as choirs and acapella groups. I soon became fascinated with electronic music, so I wrote a handful of electronic pieces. Most recently I’ve been writing music of a more acoustic nature...mainly folk/rock and some blues.

Do you have dreams
of a future career in music?

My greatest dream involving music would be to one day write for film. I have always loved the great expression and beauty of the collaboration of film and music. There is nothing that moves me as greatly as a beautifully crafted scene, utilizing the power of music. For example: the closing scene of “Schindler’s List” when Liam Neeson delivers his powerful and heartbreaking monologue. That scene is so moving, most people I know are brought to tears when watching it. But can you imagine that scene absent John Williams
breathtaking theme? The beautiful, soaring melody he created for that scene is heartbreaking enough in itself, but when paired with Neeson’s monologue and the dark cinematography of the scene, it becomes something beyond words.

What can you say you love the most about Music?

I think the thing I love most of all about music is the ability it gives me to express what words cannot. Whether I’m in a really dark, sad place, or an exciting, uplifting place, music gives me the opportunity to share those feelings, to express them. Words are great, and I can express myself verbally just like anybody else, but music is a whole different level of expression. It’s raw, deep…it’s an entirely different level of communication. The things I feel in music are feelings nothing else could ever give me. No words ever spoken can offer the same feeling that a truly beautiful piece of music does. Music is pure expression of soul, completely unfiltered...completely real. 
Needless to say, I love music. I am currently writing some music with a friend of mine…

You have a new band now, what kind of music do you play?
I guess you could call us a band. We are working on some rockish/bluesish/folkish stuff and we hope to start playing some shows here in Austin soon. Keep an ear out for us, we’re called “The Gingermen”. Thanks I hope you enjoy the songs!

Listen People:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Men in Suits


A man in a well-tailored suit passes by and my first thought is "responsible." It's funny how we easily associate one's dressing with the kind of person they may be. I was curious about the origins of suits and I found out that suits originated in Europe. Over the years, it's function as a formal wear has been diluted to Informal/Business Casual. It doesn't matter what type a man wears (business suit, dinner suit, or lounge suit) or what cut (single-breasted, or double-breasted). It just happens that men in suits are classy even though a man in a semi-formal suit  may not have the same effect as a man in a three piece suit. Dressing in a suit automatically elevates the status and appeal of a man. Old Hollywood knew men in suits and the ladies miss that look. Today dressing in a suit with the appropriate accessories is mostly left for formal occasions. I wish men would listen to Barney Stinson when he says "Suit up." And men, there is a reason why the ladies swoon when they watch Don Draper in Mad Men and Neal Caffrey in White Collar (besides their obvious good looks).


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ma Jeans


w dinkel

Elastane is now being added to denim to enhance its fitness to various body types. This is desirable because more people can find a pair of Jeans that fit them. There is a growing concern when purchasing a pair of Jeans because people don't usually find the right styles that fit them. This is because denim is not a material that is easily tailored or takes a shape easily. Did you know that denim was originally made for work because its texture is sturdy enough to prevent injury in the work place? Now it is casually dressed around the world. It is great to own some pair of Jeans but I would advice every individual to own the right one. Jeans can look very unflattering if it is the wrong one. So, when buying a pair of Jeans, do not buy it because it is the latest trend or because you like how it fits a model. Try it on and look at yourself in the mirror. If there is a moment of "urgh," take it off. You should admire yourself in the pair of Jeans you buy. You have that instinct, you would know if it is the wrong pair.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lyrical Drawz

In this century you find most grounded individuals listening to oldies. When you ask them their reason(s) for going back and not being interested in mainstream music, most say that the lyrics of the old songs are appealing to them. It's unfortunate that most popular musicians do not put enough effort in writing their lyrics. They can make their music sound well, but sometimes what they say makes no sense at all. Yet we still sing-along and dance to such music. I found myself listening to Pandora and I started paying more attention to the lyrics of the songs. More than half of the songs made no sense especially when I listened to what the whole song said. At the end of every song, I reflected to see if I could say what the song was about but nada! that was difficult than I expected. How do songs like "Crank That" by Soulja Boy get popular? and you rarely hear of songs like "I Can Be" by Taio Cruz? 

Crank That

Soulja boy off in this ho
Watch me crank it
Watch me roll
Watch me crank that soulja boy
Then super man that ho
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)...

I Can Be

Now I feel that this heart, of mine has taken many falls,
Still sometimes the rain, can turn into a waterfall,
The prettiest things, can come out of the coldest night, yeah,
And even with broken wings, sometimes you find your way to fly...

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little Black Dress

When I was eight, I overheard my aunt say "...the little black dress." Since she was not little, I immediately thought the black dress was a Christmas gift for me. Christmas came and I was presented with a frilly-pink and red polka dot dress. How annoying!!!. I would have preferred the black dress, I thought. My expression was noticed, but I was quick to put a big smile on my face and pretended as if  there was something in my eye. Thanked my parents and tried throughout the holiday to forget about the black dress. At age eleven, I heard that expression again and found out what it really meant.
The little black dress have been linked with Coco Chanel. This is essential for every woman's wardrobe because it comes in handy as a dress that fits all occasion. LBD is supposed to be short, simple, and elegant. Before the 1920s, the color black was for mourning. Thanks to Coco Chanel for making black dresses that were simple and accessible to all women of all social class. One image that has lasted over the years of LBD is Audrey Hepburn sampling these little black dresses in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Check out the link below for samples of LBDs. 


(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Imagine It Should Look Like This

I read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," loved it by the way. The heroine, to me, was fearless. I felt the book cover should have had more power in terms of graphics and colors. In my imaginative way I painted another book cover. I painted a dragon with the famous Superman colors to show the heroine's strength. What do you think?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fur - Yes, No, Maybe, I don't know


I think it's hilarious that any fur clothing has to have a specification that the animal used was killed humanely. I understand that we have sad humans who do not care about animals and skin them alive - yuk! But when did it become a sin to wear fur? People cannot wear fur freely without being criticized by animal lovers. Would it change anything if I mentioned that my fur coat was made by an animal that was already dead? I don't own fur coats by the way because I think most fur coats are pricey and look ugly. Anyway, I'm just saying that people should not be attacked for making the choice to spend their money in buying ugly fur coats if they want. Winter is not nice to the body and I hear some people buy fur coats for comfort, not for looks. Well some may buy it to show that they are well to do but shouldn't we let them be? What we should do here is educate those extracting fur to find alternative ways to do it without hurting the animals. Wearing fur shouldn't be made a bad thing because it really isn't.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make UP or DOWN?


Girl 1: "I wear makeup to coverup the blemishes on my face."
Girl 2: "I wear makeup to change my look because I get bored easily"
Girl 3: "I wear makeup depending on the way I dress"
Girl 4: "I don't really think about why I wear makeup. I just like wearing it."


Some boys say they would prefer their girls' faces "Au naturel" because they don't like girls that wear too much makeup. I understand the "too much makeup issue." That can take away the beauty of a lady and replace her with an older sticky-looking version of her. But are boys really serious when they say they would prefer their girls with no makeup? Some girls need makeup to cover and smoothen acne and blemishes. Not every girl is blessed with the baby-like smoothness. Also, as Girl 2 mentioned, it is good to change your look once in a while. I would say girls can use light makeup and the boys should try to accept that.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


a kartha


While Halloween was fun, I was being told about a festival called Diwali also referred to as the festival of lights. Imagine yourself sitting on a porch, it is dark outside and the only sources of light are from scary pumpkin faces. But the scariness changed when I was listening to the narration of a festival that lasts for five days and families perform activities together in their homes. My narrator was an Indian and you could tell that this festival was one of the best things to look forward to based on the way she enthusiastically narrated it. She described what Diwali meant in her tribe because Diwali isn't just celebrated by Indians. She talked about the lights, the games, the rangoli (colorful art), the sweets, and the new dresses. After a few minutes of listening to her, I forgot about the scary state of my surroundings and fully immersed myself into her tale. I cannot effectively tell you what and how I was told, but you can have an idea of how I felt by looking for someone from another culture and asking them to tell you about any festivities that they enjoy. I assure you that, as long as they enjoy that festivity, they won't spare any detail when telling you about it. You will find yourself picturing this festivity like you are involved and you will leave with something cool like I did with the Diwali!  
Want to learn more, google Diwali and Rangoli


(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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