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Friday, December 10, 2010

Black and Red

You know how people say all shades of red lipstick fit black women, I don't think that's true.

Sometimes you see black women in red lipsticks and your first thought is "what were you thinking?" This mistake stems from the fashion myth that everything goes well with black, especially red. Do not forget that black has different shades and so does red. I remember watching "Good Times," a show from the 1970s, and most of the time, the black ladies wore red lipsticks that made them look like they just had a sip their kids' black currant drink. It did not look flattering at all. Then I tell myself that wearing those shades of red were a fashion trend that would not repeat itself again. But no! As long as a black girl enters a cosmetic store with the belief that "red fits black," the mistake will continue. Black women should sample different shades of red lipsticks before settling for their choices. You want to avoid stares that are uncalled for, right?

Beautiful Photo: D. Ambugo


  1. Emem, i respectfully disagree. At this age and time, anything goes. I can wear purple lipstick or green for that matter and if we are talking about the fashion world, that is considered eccentric. I feel like fashion statements are changing rather quick and all looks are unique. Not just with clothes, but also with makeup. A few years back your statement would be accurate, but now it's far from accurate. Look at clothing for instance, no one matches anymore.

    1. I totally understand why you'd say that, but that isn't true at all. It may not seem like it, but there IS a method to the madness. Avant Garde and ecentric don't always mean unflattering and when it does mean unflattering there still something beautiful about it. It has to still be beautiful even if only by how elaborate it is. Any shade of black most definitely can not wear any shade of red, not as an everyday typical beauty look. Everyone, dark, light or white, has to find shades that fit them and flatter their facial features and skin tone. There's a thin line between clown-ish and avant garde.

  2. I must agree with Em on this one. Although it is true that you can get away with lots of outside the box looks with fashion shows, there are some combos that will get a reaction in public.

    Although this is true, IMHO, everyone is unique, no need to conform.

  3. Black women come in so many shades, I don't see how one can generalize on what looks good on them. If this is the case, then I would think that a women of any race would need to try different styles and see what works best for her as an individual.

  4. how can i contact the person who worked on those images?

  5. Find her on facebook as Daak Child

  6. "how can i contact the person who worked on those images?"

    You can contact her at daakchildstudios@gmail.com

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