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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Pulp

So I caught my bus at 6:37am to head to the train station. This is how I commute to work. It's been a hot week and this is going to be the third day with a high of 90 degrees. I was so ready for today but I felt I was under-dressed for work. "It will be overlooked," I thought as I dressed up. I chose a black and white print cotton dress and since it was too short, I paired it with grey tights. My hair in my trade mark fro, slightly away from my neck with the help of a black scarf (I wouldn't be able to stand my hair touching my neck in this heat). Blue and white sandals and my black work bag and I skipped to my bus stop. Through out the ride to the train station, I just kept tweeting about my distaste for the extreme hot weather and how I couldn't wait to get a large cup of coffee (Like anyone cares!). I checked emails and particularly liked the one about competing for miss Nigeria but guess what, it aint happening. I caught my train and continued with my phone hugging my fingers, this time, admiring pics of Dwyane Wade on Instagram (shhh don't tell). I got to my stop and all I had to do was work to the road and cross over to my place of work. The light for pedestrian crossing was already counting down and I needed to cross the road quickly. I crossed half way and realized the light had turned red. Should I cross now, or shouldn't I? I wanted to make sure that the cars haven't started moving so I could make a run for it. Then comes voices from the vehicle right in front of me, "Excuse me, excuse me." I thought they were going to ask for directions so I stopped to listen to them while thinking that I was the worst person to ask directions. "Wow, you just made our morning lovelier...looking greatest!" Yes I caught the wrong choice of word there but I guess I understood what they meant so I wasn't bothered. "Thank you," I replied. While trying to decide if I should still cross the last leg of the road. "You should  be on the advertisement there," one of them pointed to the large bill board ahead. Of course I was flattered. In fact, I could feel my fro growing bigger. "Thanks," I replied and I decided they weren't going to drive any time soon and I crossed. Then I heard them shout, "Be careful!" Startled, I stopped and a speeding vehicle wooshed past me. Phew! But I was still smiling though and I crossed afterwards. I began to wonder how I would have felt if I got hit by a car because of compliments. I'm sure at that speed the car took I wouldn't have lived to know how I would have felt. Maybe the title I chose for this blog post isn't clever after all but yey I'm alive and happy!

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She is a Fan of Queen B

"I love, love, love, Beyonce! I eat, drink, and breathe Beyonce!!" This was how someone described her admiration for Beyonce and how much she was a fan of hers. When I heard this girl make that statement, I looked her over and she truly was a fan, maybe too much of a fan; border-lining stalkerish if she had a chance. First, the tattoo on that part of the body that houses the "tramp stamp" said, "Who Run The World? Gals." Yeah, no one could miss that tattoo because the owner wore the lowest-waist hip hugging pair of jeans I've ever seen with butt crack in full display. I wasn't sure how Beyonce-of-her that was but I was sure I'd seen Beyonce wear that kind of jeans in an Insider magazine photo. Then on her arm was another tattoo that said, "Blue Ivy God Mother." Umm okay so we have a declared godmother that Blue Ivy is yet to know. Solet's just say she passed on the jeans style but not so much the lyrical tattoo and the jeans size. Now let's talk about the weave she had. My goodness, that blond thing was long. Although it was well done, perfectly covering the sewn parts, the length and color gave away the fact that it was not natural. She passed the hair look too because it was "Beyonce blonde" and wavy all the way. Her tee shirt alone was enough to let us know that she was a fan of Beyonce's. It had a smiley Beyonce face and had a big "Queen B for Life" inscription on it. With her look, I thought she didn't have to justify to anyone because her whole persona gave her away. The only big fail, to me, was her loudness because we were lining up for coffee and I thought to myself, Beyonce wouldn't be too loud, or would she?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Business for North West



Kim Kardashian is pregnant for Kanye! Um Emem, where have you been, Antarctica? This is not news since we watched her through her pregnancy; through her battle of words with magazines calling her the F word - I mean Fat; and through her clothing choices that didn't change in style but only in size for obvious reasons. Okay, so what is my bees-wax with Kim K? Nothing really. I'm just one who loves to envision how celebs would dress their kids. Will Kim K stick with the likes of Angelina Jolie who buys child-worthy price tags or the likes of Victoria Beckham whose baby's shoe price can buy a yacht? Maybe Kim and Kanye may come up with a clothing line called "North" and then North can indirectly get her clothes for free. I'll just wait and see. Congrats to those two by the way.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Little Thing about the Sneaker Wedges Trend

I always have opinions about new trends. Sometimes, I wonder if people are totally blind when they choose to follow a trend. I think to myself that the marketers of such trends know how to do a great job because it baffles me when I see how people fall for these trends and make them popular. The other day I saw the half jeans half sweat pants that Miley Cyrus had on. I thought to myself how ugly it looked but how fast it could easily become a fashion style because Miley wore it. Yes, I tend to have strong opinions but it's funny how my opinion changes for the better or worse when I try on the trend or I pay attention to people around me who try it on. I first saw the sneaker wedges in an ad on the glass window of a shoe store and immediately had some kind of negative feelings towards the trend. The ad for the shoes wasn't on a model and it stood on its own like a pair of clogs that said "I'm trying to be relevant." I couldn't understand why shoe designers would make a mix of those shoes. It looked ugly, I thought. Then as time went on, I saw new spins of the same trend. It wasn't basically the sneaker style any more. They now come in different textiles and colors with studs and other designs added. My feelings towards this trend began to shift for the better when I saw it on people. Granted some butchered the uniqueness of the trend when they wear with with maxi skirts. If those skirts were sheer, then maybe it could have worked. Anyway, the real transformation of my feelings towards this pair of shoes happened when I tried it on. I didn't want to return it to the shelve where I had picked it. You know how that story goes because it's now on my shelve.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dress the Not-Long-Enough

I would love online shopping if I was sure I could get the perfect fit for anything I tried on. It takes a while to find my perfect fit when I go to stores because I guess I'm oddly built or the designers are narrow-minded. I'm tall and when I find pants, skirts or dresses that are long enough, they usually are much bigger. My perfect size of clothing is always too short. I end up wearing skimpy things and guess what, everyone always thinks it's planned. On rare shopping days when the clothing gods take pity on me, I find my perfect fit. It always turns out to be just one; one pair of pants or one lovely skirt or one amazing dress. I always find this rare gem in odd parts of a store I rarely or frequently visit. Sometimes, that particular clothing does not belong in the rack where it is found. That's why I believe something is up. Although, I purchase it with a big smile on my face. Okay, now I say to myself, maybe I should try customizing online or read reviews from other customers for help. Customizing has worked out in the pants department because I have tried it. Then recently I stumbled upon a dress that I loved almost immediately. My size was available but I wasn't sure of the length. If I purchase a long dress, I would like it on my ankle just like any other girl. I read the description which mentioned that the model used was 5ft 10" tall and the dress looked as though it was still too long for her. Sure enough I was excited. I'm just one inch taller than her, I rejoiced. I placed my order. My dress finally arrived and I put it on. Um, it fit perfectly but guess what? It was way shorter than I had expected. I was so disappointed that I almost wanted to slam the site for false advertisement because I am sure of how tall I am. But I liked the dress so much that I was willing to make it work. That's me in it in that photo and I don't care anymore if it's a little too short. I paired it with a pair of sandals that is simple. A pair of covered shoes would make the outfit stumpy and even the vibrant colors won't help. If you find yourself in this situation, pair the dress with an effortless-looking pair of sandals.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sandals I recommend


Don't fail to check the insoles. We all want comfort all the way. These are the sandals I recommend for this season.

1) Wedge with a color that pops. Enhance your height and show those legs in short-shorts.

2) Ruffled nude-colored single-strapped sandals. Pair me with a dark-colored or long and short skirt prints.

3) Single-strapped heels. I go with almost everything you can think of from cropped to long pants; short to long skirts; and short to long dresses.

4) Gladiator sandals. I come back stronger and I look great with the high-low trend.

5) Subtle-colored single-strapped flats. Only above-the-knee to knee level clothing because I need to be noticed.

6) Multi-mixed heels. Choose a color from my mix and dress in that.

7) Better than Clogs. I do well with cotton dresses.

8) Better than flip-flops. Pair me with nudes and secondary colors.

9) Subdued-colored wedge. I can go casual and dressy in shorts, skirts and dresses.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Society Calls It.

Veil, scarf, head tie, whatever you call it are worn by either men or women for several reasons. I grew up having various reasons for wearing scarfs too! I wore the head tie more on Sundays when I went to church although this has changed. Now I only wear head ties if it goes with my outfit. Living in a place with unpredictable weather, scarves come in handy for shielding the neck from treacherous weather conditions and sometimes I use a veil when the weather is milder. The question here is do I really choose to wear these clothing articles this way because I should or do I subconsciously obey a rule placed by society? A trip to a city with mixed races got me interested in some fashion choices of some women. I had questions on why women had scarfs or veils worn in certain ways and on certain weather conditions. In fact, I had seen a woman draped in a veil and almost completely covered from head to toe in the dead of heat. I was  uncomfortable for her. The color was black and we all know how it feels to wear all black in a hot Summer day. But my eyes were opened by answers I got from asking questions from discussions, movies, books, and social media. I got various reasons like culture and tradition, religion, health and livelihood, and fashion. What no one pointed out was that people were behind all these reasons. Who are these people? I know there are no group of law makers gathering somewhere to device fashion rules with meanings. The point is, these decisions come from different people and as long as they agree on something, voila, it becomes a thing! I'll call the invisible rule makers "Society." I wonder if we always decide to obey what society chooses for us or if we choose it for ourselves. What do we have to prove to people when we choose what we wear? I can't claim to know what anyone is thinking when they are dressing up. I can't claim to know the circumstance that  makes them wear what they wear. I think that character should be enough to define somebody, maybe that's why they choose to dress up the way they're dressed. People may interpret dressing skimpily as having low morals; people may define someone who is completely covered as being deeply religious. But then, some of the clothing people wear have meanings. If I wear an outfit with a head tie, I'm probably too dressy for a day at a park. If I wear a veil, I may be a Muslim. If I wear a scarf around my neck, It may be cold outside or I may just be accessorizing my look. All in all, perception wins before the view of the individual. Society still wins. I think it's sad.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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