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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Zinnia

A fun-loving fashionista who loves languages, culture, travel and fashion shows. She currently lives in Boston and aspires to live in NYC or Paris in future working in the fashion industry. She has done some exciting work in Boston Fashion week three years in a row. As a model recruiter and backstage manager for major runway shows at fashion week, she enjoyed her time meeting and working with diverse groups of models and designers from celebrities to ones emerging. Her responsibilities include everything from holding auditions to choose models and managing models, designers, volunteers. She is also responsible for all the little details that are necessary to ensure a smooth fashion show such as the timing between models on the runway, working with the DJ to ensure smooth transition of music between each designer segment, critiquing model poses to make sure they are consistent and many other details. Also, one of her main tasks is pairing models with designer’s outfits based on specific heights, sizes, and looks.

When asked what her favorite part is of being involved in fashion week, her eyes gleam as she says, “It is definitely gotta be the crazy circus of models and designers running around backstage in a frenzy right before the show. It is more fun to see and manage that than the actual show.” She laughs then and says, “of course the actual show is fabulous.”

Zinnia’s favorite fashion icon is Coco Chanel. She loves the simplicity and elegance that goes with the brand. Zinnia is soon starting her fashion and wardrobe consulting services. She also blogs about fashion and lifestyle. Do check her blogs out at http://www.facebook.com/l/d4b49fSUFLIUF0OeBUjeePWIN7Q;www.zillionideas.wordpress.com There, Zinnia will talk about fashion, runway, arts, and travel. You can reach her at madon.zinnia@gmail.com for questions about her services or blogs.



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