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Friday, November 23, 2012


Unique garments made by students of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design continues...

Designer of 10: Jessica Tenczar
Project: Non-Textile
Inspired by the texture and grain of birch bark. This dress is made from birch bark gathered from dead trees.

Designer of 11: Marcia Roseme
Project: Costume
Inspired by Black History Month, "Afro-American" is a tribute to Americans of Africa descent expressing hardships of the past, the blessings of the present and hope for the future.

Designer of 12: Sarah Koval
Project: Non-Textile
This dress was made from 30 feet of acetate sheeting (24 feet just for the shirt), 2 cans of gold and blue spray paint.

Designer of 13: Shawna Healey
Project: Non-Textile
1300 guitar picks. 7 bass guitar strings all sewn and stapled onto the sturdy base made from gaffers tape.

Designer of 14: Shenendoah Aldrich
Project: Non-Textile
Made from 8 yards of netting, 7 yards of raffia, and 1 trash bag. The bra is made from a pencil case backed with black construction paper. The hat has a wire armature covered with wrapping paper and googley-eyes.

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