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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oxfords for You and Me

I was excited about my new oxfords and couldn't wait to put them on the next day. They were a grey suede pair with pink soles. I wore them the next day on my way to Boston to meet a friend for lunch. I felt my cool meter going really high. When I got onto the train I got a look from a guy that made me think something was wrong. I was confident about my outfit so I was sure that wasn't the reason for the weird look. Then I saw his eyes linger on my shoes. I took a look at them and they seemed fine to me. Then I saw it. He was wearing the same pair. Same grey and pink soles. Okay so I don't know who got whose first but I was not going to feel out of place wearing them because they were amazing. They were in the girl's section of the store, by the way, so he wasn't going to make me feel guilty for getting them. What's his problem? I thought. He didn't look my way until I got out of the train. At my side, I heard someone say, "Nice shoes." I looked at the person and it was the guy wearing the same pair as I. I replied with a winning smile, "thanks I like yours too." 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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