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Friday, October 12, 2012


I was at the Copley Mall in Boston and came across fashion exhibits designed and crafted by students from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I want to share these designs because of their uniqueness. The outfits are made with objects we see around us and they are crafted so perfectly that they can actually be worn. It's just going to be funny seeing a person in an outfit made with tree backs, newspapers, paper clips, guitar picks, sponges, tea bags, and bottles.

Designer of 1: Aris Segura
Project: Non-Textile
127 Sponges were used to create this garment. Using a variety of different methods to shape and mold them into unique shapes.

Designer of 2: Ashley Cushon
Inspired by fortresses, this garment is made from upholstery and wool. The wool has a heavily embroidered look with metallic fibers. 

Designer of 3: Becky Lafrate
Project: Non-Textile
Made from 7 full newspapers with stamped newspaper flowers.

Designer of 4: Chloe Davis
Project: Non-Textile
Made from over 3,000 tea bags and 17 pounds of tea. Hand-dyed in tea to create the gradation. Utilizing all of the different aspects of the tea bags in the details.

Designer of 5: Erika Williams
Project: Non-Textile
Made from screening and over 6000 paperclips attached with copper wire.

Designer of 6: Hadley Dombrowski
Project: Bridal
This elegant silk wedding dress was inspired by the hand beaded applique found by the designer.

Designer of 7: Fiona McTeigue
Project: Non-Textile
Made from approximately 300 matchbooks. The bodice is made from the matches and the skirt from the balance of the matchbook.

Designer of 8: Faith Garland
Project: Non-Textile
200 Aquafina bottles, 1000 staples. Constructed over a fitted duct tape base with Velcro fastener.

Designer of 9: Evan Michael
Project: Tailoring
Made from wool boucle. The fastenings are actual hardware.

To be continued...

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