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Friday, February 15, 2013

Inspired by Michelle

Believe it or not, this look was inspired by the first lady, Michelle Obama. I went into Arden B to purchase a dress. While I was contemplating buying the entire store cause everything looked so gorgeous, I finally went with the sales girl's suggestion. She said, "...then you will have the cool Michelle Obama look." When I tried the dress I thought, "not so shabby for the President's wife's double." Here goes...I wore it on my birthday. The First Lady is known to pull off well-fitted dresses that show her incredible toned arms. Mine may not be as crazy fit but it sure does look great too. Need I say what the colors blue and red represent. All in all, I wanted a classy and chick look. I think I passed.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)


  1. Dress: Arden B
    Shoes: Nine West
    Belt: Target
    Earrings: WalMart
    Bracelets: Nine West

  2. *Bracelets is actually Kenneth Cole

  3. This is classy a touch of blue! Rock it girl! Good choice of store combos too...YKW


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