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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Body Shaming

I don't think it's right for people to voice out their opinions about a person's weight gain or weight loss, if that person didn't ask you for it. The body changes all the time and responds even to the slightest change in food and surroundings - even if not sometimes noticed. We have our own bodies so why do we focus so much on other people's bodies instead of ours? I've heard people say that they will alert a person if he or she is too thin or too fat because they care for that person. I applaud you for your boldness and sometimes I think the person has to hear it to know it. But alerting a person is different from judging and shaming the person. 

Now I hear the fashion industry will ban models that are too thin. Good for them and bad for the girls that are naturally thin. Then, there are those who are getting bad attention for gaining weight because somehow they're supposed to stay the way they looked when they were sixteen.

The topic of weight is sensitive bearing in mind that there are several factors that contribute to the development of an individual. There isn't one kind of body shape. We are all different and should therefore look different. I won't act as though I'm not aware of the issue of being too thin or too fat. But I won't also accept that people are meant to look and weigh an "industry" chosen scale. If you do not know the person, I suggest you keep your mouth shut about his or her body unless you are directly affected by this person's body issue because your opinion might aggravate that situation. You may not know the real reasons behind the person's issue. There are well-informed people out there who make it their business to enlighten others about healthy living. This can be helpful but people should remember that "one size doesn't fit all." We are all different and still have to find a balance of what works for us. Then there are those quacks out there whose sole purpose is to sell products and would lie to the teeth to make you buy them. If you decide to spend your money on those products, that's your business. The truth is we know the basics of healthy living, which are good food and exercise. But it takes more than that when it comes to fitting those basics into our daily lives.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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