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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ignoring Full Priced Items

Favorite clothing stores are closing and the blame is on consumers shopping less. It is true that shopping in stores is taking a downward plunge and online shopping is getting more boost, but I think the issue lies in the way we have been trained to shop. For instance, shoppers now wait for the price of a merchandise to fall before they buy it. Why pay full price for it when it's going to fall in price soon or in the next season?

The funny thing is that the "next season" is the right season to wear that item. Clothing stores sell their clothes ahead of season; go shopping in the Summer and Fall items are already out for sale. Then the clearance section of the store will have past seasons as well as the Summer collections available. If I want to dress for the next day, the clearance section is where I would go. I wouldn't buy Fall items in the Summer unless I'm planning ahead or I see a style flying off the shelves quickly and I want to get my size before it's all gone. Stores with good clearance sections get more customers but that doesn't help their sales because price per unit item will be low and even if a customer buys what might seem to be a lot, the total wouldn't make the impact that the store hopes for.

Maybe it's the economy or maybe shoppers are simply refusing to spend so much on certain items. Whatever the reason may be, clothing stores are taking the hit. Also, people aren't as faithful to the "dress according to the season" rule anymore. Last Winter I saw a lot of bright colored coats as opposed to the subdued and dark colors that people usually go for. This was a refreshing change. The influx of fashion stylists and bloggers are bringing about a change in how fashion is viewed and people now wear a combination of what they feel like. The fashion rule book has been overturned. With all these issues in mind, how should clothing stores tackle these challenges? Should they have a strong online presence? Should they work on their pricing methods and the frequency that they introduce new styles? 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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