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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nordstrom, Really?

Who is that person or those team of persons in charge of approving clothing for Nordstrom to sell? Sometimes I think this bizarre clothes are just public stunts but when they actually leave them with hiked prices on their website for some time, well, that's just pure craziness.

Impractical outfits that would make someone look stupid as opposed to fashionable? No thanks.

I paid attention for the first time to this absurdity when the Clear Knee Mom Jeans was sold on Nordstrom's website. I thought it was a joke. Did they actually find a mom who "kneeded" this pair of jeans?

Now it's the smelly-looking Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans. Fake mud or not, do you expect someone to wear that in public? Which male out there would want to wear that and take public transportation and have the mind to seat next to someone wearing all white? Dear male, won't you get tired of explaining to people that it is fake mud? Or actually, will you really spend $425.00 for that?

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