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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Notice Me by Emem Uko

Here is another book from me. In coming weeks, I'll share interesting tidbits that make this book a unique read. There will also be free chapters too. For now, here is a blurb, and some links to purchase it. Happy Reading!!

Notice Me by Emem Uko

Music DJ? Sure. Being the frontman of a popular band in a foreign country? Never in his wildest dreams. Anders finds himself living a cool life but at a price of projecting an effeminate image to the public.

His fans love it. They’ve only known him since his makeover after his debut as a singer. They don’t know the manly Anders. But the girl he wants to notice him thinks he’s not her type. Now he has to choose between his public image and his private life. Millions of fans versus one? Their happiness or his happiness?

"Emem Uko takes you on a suspense-filled journey on the behind-the-scenes struggle of a lead vocalist of a boy band. A journey of growth, loss and finding a long-needed love. It is music to your ears. You will want it on repeat."

Purchase 'Notice Me' below

Amazon (Paperback): Notice Me

Amazon (Kindle): Notice Me

OkadaBooks: Notice Me

Goodreads: Notice Me

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