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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rebecca Black

Friday, yes we all do look forward to Friday because it is the start of the weekend. One girl made it clear in her music and this catapulted her to popularity level. While the song could have had better lyrics or been sung better, I admit it is very catchy. People don't just get popular without the "Haters" lurking. Ms. Black has her fair share but has handled it well with my admiration because she is just thirteen. I was glad to have read an article that Ms. Black is in the studio, which means she's not backing down on her musical career just because she got a large percentage of dislikes on her You Tube video. While we have the haters hating, Ms. Black is selling her hit on iTunes and progressing with her musical opportunities. One thing to note is that in this life, even if you make it big or small, there are people who are always there to dislike you, those we call the "HATERS". This hasn't stopped Justin Bieber. Has it? He's still singing Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhhhh! Oh well, if I were you (I'm talking about the haters), I will listen to what I like and not listen to something that does not appeal to me. Nobody forced anyone to listen to Rebecca Black's Friday anyway. You just did because it caught your attention. Deal with it.

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  1. Rebecca Black is a brilliant girl, and all those who hate her song should get a life. What's more, she's donating all the proceeds from the album to the children of Japan. That should be enough reason for any of the haters to go and jump down from the Empire State Building. :). Yes, I'm pissed :). Nice post.

  2. Now, I strongly disagree with your use of the word hate/hater here...granted RB is proceeding to work in the studio, but it wud be folly of her to think that there is nothing wrong with her singing, just because something is catchy doesn't mean it is great...people are disliking the video for a reason, it speaks to her character at that age that she is pushing on with her work, but don't take it out on the people who don't like the side effect of her song. The dislike buttons are there for a reason....the thing with this generation is get the fame/infamy and then try to cash in the check, then u start to here comments like "do ur thing girl/guy, I ain't mad at you"...translation, in all honesty, I wouldn't do that, but for fear of being called a hater, I'll approve, after all u are paying ur bills right? but what that attitude promotes is a lack of standards.

    I can even argue exploitation on the part of her crew that put the whole thing together, the video seemed really clean and worked on, so I can assume they are some kind of pros, which could mean, they probably knew this would be the kind of reaction it wud receive, and wanted to go the fame/infamy to $check route, without any thought for the psychological impact it would have on the girl, rather than private tell her to work more on her vocals, they wanted the world to publicly scoff at her, enuff to remember the name, now they can always argue that the world hated you, but we stood by you, and as agents/management always want to do, they mold her entire life, what better time to do it than when she is just a fresh malleable teenager??? Now all that is my concocted argument, but even in it, there might be an element of truth, who knows?

    Just don't label people HATERS for calling what they see a spade a spade, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and youtube gladly allows you to express them. lets just call it the truth meter...ciao

  3. @KT, yes I was surprised when I learned that she was donating some of her proceeds. It speaks of the kind of person she is. This brings me to what @EA said about exploitation. Who knows, we may have be dealing with that issue in this case.

  4. In light of my comment, http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/stopthepresses/392183/rebecca-blacks-not-to-blame-meet-the-man-who-wrote-friday/ he kinda confesses to the stupidity of the songs lyrics, he claims fame isn't his goal when taking clients, never said anything about money tho, the song has raised over $20,000 on youtube alone, and he seems to be playing to my script pretty well too...his story isn't straight...


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