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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goth Too Far?

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of you life right? A friend of mine thinks his would be ruined even though the day hasn't arrived yet. This friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend, but he has major problems with her choice of outfits. She has a Gothic style and takes pleasure in dieing her hair black, wearing raccoon-like eye shadows, wearing dark lipsticks, putting on black, red, and other odd colors of outfits and sometimes wearing laces that should be lingerie. She definitely has a passion for corsets. My friends started dating his fiancee because of her personality and hoped that she was going to give up her goth style in the future. This did not happen but that did not stop him from putting a ring on her finger! The problem he has now is the rumor he heard about the wedding gown she wants to make. He doesn't mind that she will style it with her signature corset but he is not in support of the colors she has chosen and the possibility that she plans to wear fangs on that day. He doesn't want to hurt his fiancee's feelings but he thinks it's time for him to tell her how he really feels about the way she dresses. Do you think he should go ahead and tell her or he should suck it up since he pretty much ignored it for the years they dated?

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  1. Suck what up?? Please he needs to tell her his mind, it is unfortunate that he has not said anything since, but obviously he has hit his limit...speak now or for ever hold your peace...

  2. Dear Friend, I hope you've seen the comment above

  3. H20, I totally agree with you on this!!! Honesty and expression of feelings is very vital in any friendship or relationship. Trust me, there will be more issues to come that he will need to address in his marital journey. So the earlier, he begins to communicate what makes him feel uncomfortable now, the better he will be able to address more complicated matters that arise in the future. Don't suck it up and speak your mind!. However, the guy needs to communicate this in a way that his comment won't mar the relationship or hurt his fiancee's feelings...YKW


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