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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Futuristic What?

When I think futuristic, I think of flying vehicles, robots, liquid food, free jet to planet mars, humans wearing cat suits made with neon lights, and no vegetation. Old futuristic movies have contributed to my thought process but I'm beginning to wonder why we think of the future this way. Is it because of the speed at which technology is being reinvented? I get overwhelmed about how some inventions get useless in a short time. Now I find it difficult to get Apple products because new models are introduced monthly, making the previous model become obsolete. 

I find myself thinking about futuristic fashion designs. According to the mentality of things being all technologically inclined, I don't see regular outfits in the future. Instead, I see a lot of uncomfortable outfits both in style and color. I do not imagine that the materials we use right now would remain the same or would be a little improved. It seems that the materials would be evolved and the designs of outfits would be affected, that is, very complicated. If I think according to what I see in the movies, I can say that futuristic designs will be more like "gaga meets the black eyed peas," which sounds scary and will cause a lot of physical discomfort. Look at the "futuristic" outfits I found.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor; fooyoh.com, rachelburklund.com, gommiarcade.com - Photo)

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