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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Cause


When I was into newspapers, I always looked for the cartoon sections. I liked how if a cartoon character gets an idea, it is illustrated with a light bulb on the top of the characters' head. I just experienced my light bulb moment. My mind is not new to getting ideas, in fact, I get more than I think my head can handle, and for a while I have put so much thought into Causes. What Cause I'm I really passionate about. Where can I be most comfortable contributing some money and smiling in the end? All Causes are worth my contribution if they are after positive results but passion drives people more. What can I say I'm most passionate about helping and voicing out concerns for? I look around and see those who are into fighting for the sustainability of the environment, some for animals, some to bring awareness and fight against diseases such AIDS, cancer, and lime. Some people support Causes helping impoverished and disaster stricken countries. I will support one against hunger. Yes hunger. I came across an article and the photo I saw kept me up. I'm not one to throw my food away but all I could think of was sharing. I'm sure if I gave that child a biscuit I'll see a huge smile, I thought. How can I help? I know I'm too busy to think of starting a foundation as many people have began to do but I can look for an active foundation and contribute to it. Make sure their goals align with mine and keep them updated on where the joy can be spread. I may not have much but I certainly have the energy to do fund raising. Host a fashion show for the cause. Did I hear do it? There are people out there in real need. Many would work to earn a living if they had the opportunity. But in situations where the land is barren or there is war and no means to grow and get food what happens? Exactly. This is when aid is needed. If you read this and you've thought of helping out in ways you can, please find some time and look into active organizations and foundations you can contribute to. The life you'll be saving will definitely be thankful to you. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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  1. I have been looking into these foundations as well funny enough and even watch documentaries that promote provisions/donations to under-developed countries...It's just an opportunity to take one step back and say a HUGE THANK YOU to God for where I am. Have seen documentaries in which beautiful kids with a future lament on how they need JUST a few furniture to sit on to eliminate the pains they experience when they sit on the floor for classes. Hmmm...I am an advocate for supporting these organizations.


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