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Friday, October 28, 2011

Clash of the Prints


What is happening to the fashion police, stylists, and fashion advisers out there? Have you all forgotten that your job is to make your clients look good or try to teach individuals out there that there are some major no nos that should never be attempted? I understand the need to stand out but can't you stand out by dressing well and having people look up to you instead of close their eyes on the eyesore of an outfit? I don't understand the horrible dressing trend going around. The outfits are not coordinated and there is always a clash of prints, colors, patterns, and fabric. If you don't dress bizarre you can't be a fashionista? When did it get here? There were some models, designers, and stylists I use to look up to but I don't seem to undersatnd their fashion direction anymore. Halloween is around the corner and people are picking up some celebrity styles for Halloween - what a shame. One should aspire to dress like celebs on a daily basis and not wait till Halloween. This gesture shows the level at which people think of your style. I won't even talk about Lady Gaga because if she decides to change right now people will have heart attacks. Nicki Minaj can cause seizures so I hope she never goes to visit her fans in the hospital. Please people, it is one thing to dress like a clown because you have a show. It is another to dress like that continously and have people gawking at you. Do you really think the grown ups admire your style? They are afraid of their children taking after the zombie tattered styles. I use to like Rihanna's style, right now I'm questioning my sanity. I guess if the outfit is complete it's not for her. If we leave abnormal fashion for shows and dress up like we know what where we are and what we're doing, fashion will not turn out to be an eyesore. I'm not saying everyone has to look classy all the time. Some people attempt the grunge look and pull it off. What do you call a look that makes you sick at the spot? Stylists, do your job. If your clients still insist on some horrible less coordinated look, let them know that they do not need you if they don't let you do your job. If you comply to their wishes, believe me, your name will be attached to the messy look and you will be a contributor to the falling fashion. Designers get creatively smart. People, try not to make your neighbor sick from looking at you.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)


  1. Speaking of clash of prints, please give the 'Gold Medal' to Mr. Brown (a cast in Tyler Perry's movies). Sure you do know who am talking about. Lol... Am not a fan of busy clothes, but sometimes, they bring you attention depending on how classy your prints are. Fashion is like weather. It changes and moves in different directions. In what direction are you going? YKW...

  2. With the pic above. Seriously?

  3. hahaha! u go girl! pls tell it like it is. It's as though the worse ppl look the more fashionable they think they are. Way to speak up on behalf of real fashion. To the person who mentioned Mr. Brown, nothing is funnier than that man's ridiculous outfits.



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