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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sheer Comfort

Forever 21

A girl goes into her favorite clothing store and she sees different colors of sheer tops. She recognizes that this is a popular trend and she sighs in exhilaration when she sees the color she likes and her size. She had already envisioned the look she'll put together with the sheer top while she picks it off the rack. A day prior to the day she had plans to wear her sheer top she sees another girl on the street wearing something close but that girl dressed up the style differently. She smiles to herself and says; maybe I should try out this style with my sheer top. The day comes when she wears her sheer top. She has abandoned her original styling idea and wears the sheer top the way the girl on the street did the other day. She walks out of her house and thinks wow I'm loving my sheer top. Ten minutes into her stroll, she thinks everyone is scowling at her. Two minutes later, she finds that she begins to hunch her back and look at the ground. Another minute later, she contemplates going back home to change. Twenty seconds afterwards, she started making her way back home. She reaches home and after ten minutes, she comes out with the same sheer top. Only this time, she wore a tank underneath, not showing her lacy bra. She walks out smiling with her head up high and headed to her destination with confidence. The moral of the story is that if you like to follow trends, you are allowed to tweak them to your comfort level. Fashion allows room for uniqueness. Sheer material is light and comfortable in this summer heat and remember ‘it is transparent.’ Keep up the decency and cover what needs to be covered. Play with some colored tanks underneath a sheer top, dress, or skirt. Happy trending!

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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