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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Are What You Do


People tend to start out the new year with promises to themselves of things they'll do to make their lives better aka New Year's Resolutions. We all know how long that lasts. The most popular resolution has to deal with leading a healthy lifestyle and this has proven difficult for most people because of the challenges of a total overhaul of bad behavior and an introduction of something completely new and foreign to the person. Healthy living stands in the minds of people as expensive living and the act of giving up delicious meals. It's no secret that most fatty foods are very tasty and people haven't learned to make their healthy counterparts also tasty. We have stuck to old recipes that used blocks of butter; we can get newer recipes that replaces the butter with olive oil. We should not wait till the beginning of the year to start taking care of ourselves and then fail after four days. We should learn what it takes and how to gradually incorporate healthy approaches to our daily lives. There's an adage that says, "You are what you eat." As true as that is, what about "You are what you do?" Leading a healthy lifestyle is not all about reducing portions and giving up certain foods. We have to think about making ourselves stronger by adding exercise. Now, I don't mean a gym membership because I know how I wasted my money by not going. I mean doing active things that can get your blood pumping. Little things like taking the stairs or jogging on a spot can add up. But it pays well to think of a type of exercise that you would enjoy or think of something you've always wanted to try. Do not wait another day. Take the step and be determined to commit to it. Change does not happen in a day. Some people give excuses about their bad knees and back but they have no idea that exercise can improve the situation. You can start now and make healthy living your goal. In my case, I love to fit into my dresses nicely so guess what, I exercise!


  1. Can I have a dessert after this...Lol...YKW

  2. Haha...yes you can...in small portions


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