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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Airport Fashion Tips!

Okay, so this week I thought I should share my ideas on travel tips with my readers. Traveling didn’t use to be one of my favorite hobbies but that changed a few years ago. Over the years, I have seen traveling become a trend of comfortable versus uncomfortable. Tip #1: Prepare ahead of time! It will make your trip fun and stress-free. Have everything set before the D-day and you’ll be strolling down that terminal like you own the airport. But if you decide to pack the night before, oh boy, you will find yourself doing sprints down to your flight gate. However, my definition of comfortable travel is not just dependent on packing early but also dressing comfortably. So which leads us to Tip #2: Security check point! Our favorite stop points where clothe layers are taken off, belts lose their grip on pants, torn socks get exposed…just kidding. But on a serious note, would you really want to deal with oversize carry-on luggage, multiple clothe layering and having to strip them down, or deal with excessive jewelry pinned to your body when you go through the scanner or that can even waste your time while trying to take them all off? Or even deal with those 6-inch heels and then realize due to unforeseen circumstances that you actually have to run a 20m race to catch your flight? I don’t think so! I am not suggesting that you become one of those who wear yoga pants, sweat pants, or flip-flops. All am saying is, dress up to your advantage. Dress up to make your travel a fun experience. Tip #3: Think of what you can avoid to make your trip stress-free and that will make your day less horrible before you get to your destination. Go for the right luggage size, pack only the ‘necessary items,’ dress comfortably, consider wearing few accessories, ladies wear comfortable shoes and lose the 6-inch heels; you can always put it on when you get to your destination. Aim for a comfortable trip to your dream destination. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)


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