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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thigh High Boots - Guys tell it as it is

My latest boot purchase was a grey colored thigh-length boot. My initial intent was to buy a long brown boot with good traction to help with this winter season. That did not happen and I couldn't be more happier because of the "Nice boots" comments I got on the grey one! Surprisingly, guys gave the most compliments. It's never been that way with the other cute boots. It's usually the ladies who compliment them and ask where they were purchased. I got curious and asked questions. Winks* ☺ let’s see what the guys have to say!

At the train station

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?
Guy: (Puzzled look, then a smile) Why?
Me: I was wondering if you would like if she wore this kind of boot (Pointing at my legs)
Guy: (Looking thoughtful) Absolutely!
Me: Why?
Guy: It's cute but sexy at the same time. Kind of suggestive but covers a lot of skin - if you know what I mean.
Me: Why that description?
Guy: Maybe the length has something to do with it.
Me: And the way it is dressed up?
Guy: Probably
Me: So you wouldn't mind that other guys will look at your girlfriend with those thoughts in their heads?
Guy: Not really. They can think but they can't touch.
Me: Hmm

Waiting for the Bus

Guy: Nice boots
Me:  Thanks. Sorry, can I ask you a question?
Guy: Sure
Me:  What's nice about these boots?
Guy: It's nice. Makes you look tall
Me:  But I'm tall
Guy: Makes you look taller
Me: (Laughing) Okay. Is that all?
Guy: It just suits you
Me: Thanks. Is it a trend you would like to see?
Guy: Not on everyone. As long as it looks good on them, that's fine
Me: Thanks
Guy: You're welcome


At Starbucks

Guy: I like your boots
Me: Thanks. Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Guy: (nodding and sipping his drink)
Me: What do you like about these boots?
Guy: It fits you perfectly
Me: If I had worn this in another color and style, do you think you would have noticed it?
Guy: Maybe. Some boots are really cool but this stands out in a good way
Me: How?
Guy: I don't know...maybe the length I guess...brings the "Pretty Woman" image but in a good way
Me: (faking a horrified look) are you saying...
Guy: No no, I just meant...
Me: Just kidding.
Guy: (Laughs)
Me: Thanks
Guy: You're welcome

These are just three of my encounters with my now famous high-thigh boots. I intend to wear them until they get damaged. This trend could easily be a great one. If these boots come in high heels and are red patent leather, then buy with caution so as not to send out the wrong message.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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