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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


What is ASAP54 some of you may ask? I'll answer that question in a moment. Have you ever seen someone on the street or at work or a party, and wondered where they bought their clothes? But then you can't approach them and ask them because you are either shy or you think it's rude. Well, I happen to be a very observant person when it comes to fashion and I see so many outfits on a daily basis that I would like to find. Approaching people to ask them where they got what they're wearing is not easy. Sometimes it's the wrong place to ask about their outfit and other times it's just the group they're with. Coming home and trying to search on Google never works because guess what, typing "grey sweater with red flowers on the right shoulder," doesn't narrow things enough. Then you give up eventually. Now this is where ASAP54 comes in. A genius thought, "what if I created an app that can visually recognize a clothing and find where you can purchase it or purchase something similar?" And there you have it. That genius by the way is Sao Paulo born and raised Daniela Cecilio. Check out the website for more cool functions of ASAP54.


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