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Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Not a Bird Nest

On this fateful day, I planned on joining the ranks of those who styled their hair themselves. I've always had an excuse when it came to that and my excuses have always been valid. My hair is too full and thick; I don't have eyes at the back of my head to correctly style the whole hair; and my hands are not built for it. Valid excuses, right? But I have seen many people accomplish styling their hair perfectly. Why not me?

So I set out this particular morning with the intent of giving myself curls. My hair is "natural," which is another word for kinky African hair. It has a tight curly texture and it takes a village to maintain. I finished with the double strand twist style and I was pretty happy with it. I let it air dry for hours. When I was satisfied with how dry it was, I proceeded to carefully uncurl it and separate the curls in order to get fuller smaller curls. For a first-timer I was pretty impressed with the outcome. In fact I took my selfies as proof. 

Hours later, when it was time to go out, I looked at the mirror and almost screamed. "Where did my curls go?" I was pretty sure I didn't touch my hair the whole day. "What happened?" "What did I do differently?" "Didn't I put enough hair product?" All these questions went through my head because I didn't understand how the style could easily vanish in a few hours.

Then someone explained the reason why I lost those awesome curls and gave me wonderful advice. "Humidity was the cause and next time I should keep the twist for a few more days longer and make it tighter and it will last longer." Lesson learned. Earlier when I lost the curls, I was tempted to say I'll leave the hair-making to the professionals but I think I'll like to try again.


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