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Friday, October 10, 2014

Going Back To Roots

A few years ago I had visited Nigeria and wanted my hair done. The lady was shocked to see that I had thick, kinky natural hair and asked if I wanted it relaxed. "Nope, I just want braids," I responded. But it's going to be hard and too thick, she responded. I turned, and looked at her. She was quiet and made my hair the way I wanted it to be. This truly surprised me. In a land where people are born with hair like mine, now it's becoming unacceptable to have? Well, it did not end there. Some people thought I had an Afro wig on when they saw my natural hair as if there was no way I would dare to have my hair like that.

But you know what? I'm really happy that these days, there is a wide spread of acceptance of black/ African natural kinky hair. I see more people going back to their roots, literally. It's refreshing and beautiful. Some people leave them puffy and some make them dreadlocks. What I'm hoping for the future is a wide acceptance of this hair texture at work places. 

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