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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Couldn't Help Myself

So the gorgeous Solange wedded recently. She looked so beautiful from head to toe that most news outlets couldn't stop gushing about her unique wedding style. I was so impressed with her natural hairstyle and even though some people had unpleasant comments about it, it didn't matter because she clearly enjoyed her day. Then I came across a stream of hateful messages under the photo with Solange and the Blue Ivy. I am not one to comment but I felt compelled to defend them. I still wonder why people think they have the right to bring down someone for something as natural as hair texture. I almost exploded when I saw the photos of ninety percent of the individuals making the hateful comment. These commenters were black. They certainly have the same or similar hair textures. So why do they think they have the right to make comments like that when underneath their wigs and weaves they have the same hair?   

"Shame on you for judging on black natural hair. You know better. Why pretend that you do not know how painful coarse hair is to maintain? Every individual has different pain thresholds and don't forget that black hair has different textures. Some people are blessed with softer easy-to-comb textures while some are blessed with hard break-the-comb texture. It is hard for any adult with natural hair, let alone a child, to go through the combing process regardless of hair products in it. Some mothers can't stand to watch their child in pain and they decide to let them be instead. While some mothers can take in the screams and comb the darn thing till it behaves. This is a kid's hair for crying out loud. There are more important things to worry about like, if the child is starved or violently beaten. Those recommending texturizers and relaxers, I'm going to refrain from calling you names because you know better; the child's scalp, the burns; you should know better. Take care of your own kid the way you want and leave Beyonce to take care of hers."

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