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Friday, November 28, 2014

Looking Good Naomi

A friend of mine forwarded this photo collage of the beautiful Naomi Campbell to me with the caption, "I hope I look as good in twenty years." While this photo makes us hope for this kind good bud in years to come, let us not stress and create this exact standard for ourselves. It comes with a certain lifestyle. I'm not saying it's impossible to achieve this svelte figure in decades to come. I'm just saying that we all have different looks, body types, and live different lifestyles that influence our body development. Granted I will advocate for healthy eating and exercise but we should realize that a glam team that makes this look possible. She is also being paid to look great and also not having children plays a role to her advantage here. Okay you might say Heidi Klum has children, yes, but don't forget that she has her beauty team too. While it nice to set "look" goals for ourselves, let us not get carried away by what we are made to see. No one will share regular bloated photos of themselves when they have good looking ones like this. While you're beating yourself for the five pounds you gained or the five you will gain after Thanksgiving, just remember that she didn't wake up looking like that. She has dedicated herself to a routine that works for her and made compromises that has gotten her here. Set your own "look goals" and work hard to get there so that you can flaunt it whichever way you want.

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