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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dear Arisce

I want to acknowledge the fact that you have rightfully pointed out problems in the fashion industry and how the industry is making choices that undermine the hard work of models. This is not new. While it is acceptable to vent about drawbacks of the industry you love, I would like to point out that picking on Kendall Jenner is a bad move. You would know how it feels to have people say you're not good enough. I understand that this seems different because you feel like she didn't have to work as hard to get to where she is. Who is to say that she wouldn't have gotten to this point on her own if she didn't have her reality TV fame?

While many may feel inclined to feel jealous towards a girl that supposedly got to the top without hard work, let's remember such is life. Get over it. Kendall Jenner may have had fame handed to her but don't forget that she had to and still has to carry around some social stigma caused by a few members of her family. Try and applaud her for using the opportunity to better her life and follow her dreams instead of wasting away in booze and drugs like most rich brats are doing. We do not choose the family we are born into. Some people are born into poverty and violence and they act the way they were raised, believing that that's the only way for them. Only a few dare to extract themselves from their unfortunate circumstance. I'm not calling Kendall's family are an "unfortunate circumstance" because we can truly never know them because media portrayal of people are never accurate. Based on her publicized life, it seems that she is reasonable. So Arisce, keep working hard for yourself and don't pick on someone for their privileged life. At least when you make it, you can brag loudly from a roof top that you worked hard for it.

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