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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elba in Action

Idris Elba is a wonderful actor, no doubt about it. He has proven himself with several movie roles and satisfactory acting results time and time again. On the James Bond issue that has gotten many people riled up, Anthony Horowitz's comment was plain and simple, yet silly. It seems to me that Mr. Horowitz has forgotten that James Bond is a fictional character and Idris Elba can act like him if he knows how to embody the character. Idris Elba doesn't have to be a suave womanizer/ cool secret service agent in real life and I haven't heard anything concerning a James Bond audition that he did badly.

I understand that it might be odd to picture a black man doing that role. It's just like picturing a white man acting as Madea. But I don't doubt one bit that Idris Elba will be a great British Secret Service agent in a movie. Although, I don't see why it has to be James Bond. My reason is that when there is an iconic role that has featured actors with similar resemblance, it is difficult for change to be accepted. Let's not forget that when a writer describes a character, he or she paints a certain look. It's like writing a character and saying he's from Ghana and then a Hollywood casting department chooses a well-known light skinned American to play the role. It wouldn't make sense.

If you ask me about casting, I'll say that the original description for characters in the books or movies should be stuck with unless they are far-fetched and a better actor is found for the role. If there are complaints that there aren't enough roles for other races, well, this is an opportunity for writers to pick up their pens and deliver the service. Movie-making shouldn't be a political issue; movie-making should be a cinematic craft that should continue to grow and make us movie lovers scream in excitement. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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