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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My Fun Book Event

It took place at the East Boston branch of Boston Public Library on a warm Saturday afternoon. I arrived with my little minions, who were to be in charge of book sales and giveaways. My first guest came in before it was time to begin and I started chatting with her about my books.  A few more people came in and while a couple of them checked out the table where my books were stacked, the others went to help themselves with refreshments. The atmosphere was nice and I couldn't wait to begin.

I greeted everyone and introduced myself. I started out by telling them what was planned for the event. I was going to talk about how and why I started writing, talk about the two books I'd picked out for the event (Notice Me and Hers to Tell), read chapters from both books, talk some more, answer questions and sign some books.

Everything worked as planned. I navigated between reading and giving some tidbits to the audience about each book. I showed them the book card that had been designed for the event. The card had a drawing of the main character of Hers to Tell, Cara Ella Smith. I spoke a bit about her and pointed to the back of the room, where the copies were available for sale.

When I finished reading, I talked a bit about the importance of libraries and the resources available to everyone. I mentioned how I still use physical copy dictionaries to find vocabularies and compare their meanings to how words are being used today. I urged everyone to write anything, just as a way to keep their minds engaged. Then I took questions.

I thanked everyone for coming and also thanked the staff of the library for setting up the event. I proceeded to the back of the room where people were purchasing books. I also autographed them. I took photographs with people and chatted a bit more. I couldn't stop smiling because I was happy to be in the midst of book lovers.


  1. Well done Emem,great strides. Your post is helpful for me and I hope upcoming Authors who have the goal of a book signing event someday.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Uyama! I'm glad it was helpful.


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