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Monday, January 10, 2011


What an intimidating title right? I get amazed at stunts that are performed in action movies, some I know are impossible to do, and some I wonder if a person would actually survive if tried in real life. Then I get the rare opportunity to meet a person whose real life had action like a Bourne movie.

The intimidating title on this blog is the name of a thriller novel based on a former Black Ops contractor and his dangerous, yet captivating missions and assignments. You will follow the life of Dan Morgan, the character, and take every step he takes. You will find yourself asking if he made the right decision. You will itch with curiosity over the suspense. You will scream at the plot twists and curse at a double-crossing agent. You will take a journey to hot spots like Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and so many countries and you will root for Dan Morgan to survive the torture from the drug ring and terrorists.

The experience of reading this book is different for me because I know the person who Dan Morgan is based on. I get the luxury of putting him in the different scenarios and I can definitely see how things play out. I hope you get this book and take the thrill ride with me. See you on the last page of TERMINATION ORDERS Code Name Cobra.

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