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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vamp Collar

I'm surprised that fashion innovators and designers out there haven't incorporated stiff popped collars to their designs. I'm talking about what I call "Vamp collar." Older vampires like Count Dracula, before our modern day vampires that wear H&M-like outfits, use to wear popped collars that gave edge, and fun to the clothing worn.
The Vamp collar is just something I've realized is missing in today's fashion. If designers use this collars on their jackets or shirts, I assure them that they'll have people who will purchase them. I will definitely be one of them! These days, with the bitter-sweet love fans are having for vampires, I'm sure adopting this fashion won't be too hard.

(ukoemem - Author, Ola Y. - Editor)


  1. emem...interesting cuz this break i made myself a jacket with a collar like that, why cuz i love high collars and standing collars. anyways i have a few finishing hems to complete my jacket, when im done will take a pic of it, :)


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