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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vampire 2 Love

Queen N.

Guys say most girls love bad boys. Key phrase "bad boys." For one thing, bad boys are humans and are suppose to act like humans. Okay, what am I getting at? I just want to know when it became "cool" to love Vampires. I decided that I was going to write about this when I overhead a girl in a mall, not more than eight years old, singing something that ended with a line that said "...and I need a vampire to love." I could not believe my ears. I laughed of course but then I was like, this is not so funny. Does she understand what Vampires are or what they are supposed to be? She may have sung that song with the mindset that Vampires brooding, good looking guys, which is a big misconception.

Recent books, movies, and TV shows have done a good job in down-playing Vampires. My early knowledge of Vampires was this vicious creatures that looked like humans but were deadly. Of course they came out at night and caught humans for food. I did not remember ever thinking of them as good-looking or that they could somehow come out in day light and blend with humans. I imagined they looked pale and didn't have any patience to consider if they had feelings for any human. They just bite humans. How did we get to this stage were Vampires now interact with humans, literary? The media, as well as us individuals have made these mythical creatures compassionate, affectionate, and less harmful. It is right to do that? Shouldn't we try to tell the stories of Vampires as it is so that generations to come would know the true nature of Vampires and not get the myth confused?

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor; Queen N. - Illustration) 


  1. Let's be real Ms. Don't tell me you won't change your mind when you see a very hottttttttttttt one. Take a back seat and think twice...You know who...

  2. Good job with the graphics Queen. Am proud of you dearie.OY

  3. Easier said than done...sista please sleep with one eye open if you do fall in love with a Vampire. Covering yourself with the HG! Lol...Can't afford to take a risk...Hunger doesn't recognize love...YKW.

  4. Lol with Vamps out there like the Salvatore brothers...


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