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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Intent of Tights Makers

Granted that there are some people who can pull off wearing tights as a bottom wear, it is not advisable as it is one of the most cringed-worthy items if worn wrongly. Tights are not made to replace pants. The culprits of this mistake are people with unflattering shapes. This is too noticeable when they wear tights with tops that have its length to the waist, but I guess they clearly do not mind. Should I praise them for their nonchalant attitudes or mock them for being irresponsible? Some would say it's none of my business but I would counter that because as long as my eyes are made for looking and I can see this eye sore of a clothing, I am permitted to have an opinion. What prompted this post was as a result of seeing a lady at a mall who wore a nude color pair of tights as a replacement for pants. For a second I thought she had forgotten to wear pants. I was shocked as other onlookers were until my eyes adjusted a bit and I realized I was looking at a skin colored article and not bare skin. Talk about open sexual harassment to men in a public place like the mall. I was bothered that she wasn't bothered to have made such a fashion mistake. Tights were originally made to be worn underneath something like dresses, skirts, and lengthy tops. Even though some individuals love and pull off the tight-only look, it is not for everyone! Also, nude colored clothing items are mostly worn as under-garment. Try to make more wise choices when you choose to wear tights. Spare those around you some embarrassment. 
(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)


  1. True talk, we are being surrounded by many mistakes called fashion in the present day,. Thanks 4 dis post


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