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Monday, January 9, 2012

Color is In

Emem Uko

My cousin was watching one of those Disney shows where all the kids wear mis-matched clothing filled with different colors and patterns and I sighed saying, "Too much color!" My aunt overheard me and replied, "but color is in." I have to agree. The good old black and grey now seems like an extinct idea of dressing. Even when people go completely dark, they add an article of color to make something pop. I saw a photo in a magazine with a lady who dressed in all black from head to toe. Her makeup was also a smokey eye. But her hair band and lipstick were a hot pink and I have to say that I admired the look. Talk about guys that are experimenting with unusual colors of dress shirts when they dress in suits. Or just a pair of socks that is made up of one or more primary colors and can be seen when they sit down. Yes I tend to notice even the minute aspects of fashion. I have added to my list of new year's resolution to incorporate some colors into my dark and grey life. To add some pink even though I absolutely detest the color pink. Colors are exciting and it is nice to be colorful to mask the day to day difficulties we may face in life and make our surroundings more vibrant through our fashion. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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