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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Girl Riri

I want to like her all round, so badly, but I can't. I sing her music and then when I get to the point of immersing myself in it, I get this bitter taste from her latest deed. Why do some artists think that having squeaky clean images diminishes their work? Oh wait, because bad image equals publicity. I feel so bad for these people because I know that somehow they may not be the kind of people that we think they are. I remember the first time I heard Rihanna's music. It was the club special. Her voice was unique and her beats were off the hook. Then her songs became hit after hit. I couldn't get some out of my head. Then the photos on her album covers became unnecessarily raunchy and the lyrics? Yikes! Did she really have to go that route? I wondered how I was supposed to go into a store and get one of those without feeling self conscious? Yes, maybe being sweet doesn't get much publicity but I would think your music could speak for itself especially if it's good. Any artist could find something unique to themselves that would make them stand out. You do not have to become the music industry's "bad egg." Unfortunately, that's how I see Rihanna these days; making waves with her personal life, which she's not trying to conceal or protect. If this is the way she's going to stay on top of the charts, well, good luck to her. I guess I can do with downloading some of her music and listening it with earphones.

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