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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"Reppin" aka representing is a way some of us who are far away from our birth countries try to stay close or convince ourselves that we are staying close. I wear my traditional Nigerian outfit and say to myself, "Yup, I'm reppin Nigeria." That's not the only way I rep Nigeria. In fact, I think when I succeed in eating my roommate's pounded yam and ogbono soup that is too peppery for words and I don't cry, then I can confidently, "yes, I'm reppin my country." I like when people abroad proudly have something on them that makes you know where they come from but you know the people I admire the most are those that embrace other countries and learn about them. I have a friend who says "Chineke" a lot and he's not even Nigerian. I say ciao but I'm not Spanish, okay I say it a lot because it's faster and more cuter than good bye. I look around me and see people mixing fashion, food, languages, and gestures and it makes me smile. One of the best things I noticed was  when I watched a popular American TV show and the star of the show was speaking pidgin English (aka broken English) and I fell off my sit in excitement! So people, in what ways are you reppin?

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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