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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not a Statement Hair

I had written a blog once called, "Natural - Kinky, Coil, Nappy, and Fro" about how people should give those with kinky, nappy, and fro looks a break. I had just learned somewhere that there are people out there (In non-African countries) who truly think the nappy look is a "statement hair." They see people with fros and dreadlocks and think, "oh are they protesting?" No it is not a statement hair. It's just the natural hair for most Africans. This is the hair we were born with. Some people choose to change the texture to make it easier to maintain. Others do not like the look and use relaxers that straighten the hair, which gives it a straight and fine texture. Many people have their reasons for looking which ever way they want to look. Some have European and American idols and like to emulate their styles and know they can achieve looking like them with cups of relaxers, weaves and, extensions. Some feel they can bypass questions, especially if they're Africans living abroad, and just go with what has become the norm, wearing straight hair. Some just prefer to stay with their natural hair and wear it whichever way they can style it. Everyone should be free to wear their hair which ever way they see fit, as long as it's clean.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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