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Friday, January 15, 2016

On a Budget Doesn't Mean Neglect Health

This is just a recent observation on my part. We all know of the 'low income equals obesity issue.' The cheap foods are supposedly the bad ones. Therefore, if I have little money then I will buy what I can afford like fast foods and cheap snacks. What about people who are well to do but still make poor health choices because they can eat whatever they want? They may not eat from most fast food restaurants but they can still get their hands on the same foods, only in expensive restaurants. I guess the point I'm trying to make is having little or so much money should not influence your choice to making healthy decisions.

Okay now, back to someone who is on a tight budget. Can they survive without going the "cheap equals bad food route"? Yes, they can. It takes a little more planning on their part. Do you know that for the same budget as someone who doesn't have a lot, you could actually buy better food choices? You just have to pay attention to the products and then you can look for their closest affordable substitutes. Trust me when I say that there are always cheaper versions of the good stuff. The business world knows how to sell the wrong things with catchy slogans. They make you believe what they want you to believe. Why not start thinking for yourself and believing that you can make things works with whatever meager amount of money you have? Why not focus on trying to look for ways of not compromising your health for the sake of "eating cheap?" 

Personally, I have a tight budget and have realized that it is possible to stick to it with smart planning. All it takes is paying more attention. I don't have to start eating at McDonalds just because I want cheap lunches. I won't lie that I have reduced my Starbucks treats which turns out to be a wonderful step in the right direction. The point I'm trying to make here is there are good and bad compromises. Stick to the one that is good and make it work. Take a turn from big brand names and try out store brands. Some of them are actually better than the popular brands. Pay attention to promotions and don't fail to ask the workers because they know all the hidden deals and the upcoming ones. Yes, I'm telling you to live frugally but not to the point where you cease to enjoy things. Practice simple things like cooking more and eating out less; choosing to drink more water as opposed to spending on beverages all the time. Take a walk and reduce your TV and online binge time, which happens to be times that some of us eat aka snack the most. Changes like I've mentioned can add to your bank account instead of your waistline. Anyway, I'm becoming wiser, thanks to my goal to eliminate debts and save more. Happy Reading!

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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