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Friday, September 22, 2017

Bella Naija Review of Hers to Tell

This review did reveal the heart of my mystery novel, Hers to Tell, and underlined aspects of my story-telling that should be improved. See below:

#LiterallyWhatsHot: Emem Uko’s “Hers To Tell” is a Cauldron Full of Love and Serial Killers
There are few things as interesting as a writer writing about a writer. They’re forced to look within and draw lessons from their lives.  I like to think that most writers are constantly analysing and seeking out minute details to use as fodder for their stories.  For this reason, books featuring a writer often read like an exposé.  Also, they’re interesting and help show the writing process.
Emem Uko’s “Hers to Tell” puts us in the mind of Cara Ella Smith, a writer whose debut novel is making waves. With long lines of adoring fans, it seems like her dreams are finally coming true. Her fame is further boosted by the fact that her novel helped the Miami police crack a mystery involving a serial killer. Talk about something to keep the crowds coming.

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