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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Female Leaders with Killer Sense of Style? Yes - Let them Be!

Melania Trump visiting South Korea

I won't make a video like Chris Crocker who cried for people to "leave Britney alone!" I'll just do what I do best, write.

I have this question that has bothered me for a while and it is, "why is it that fashionable women aren't given due credit for their intellect?" Is it because people don't see past their outfits? Is it too hard to notice their intelligence as well?

The other day I heard someone say, "wow, I wouldn't have thought Karlie (Kloss) was smart. She knows how to code." I almost lost it. Why? Is it because she's a model? Are models illiterates who only know how to apply makeup, wear pretty things and take photos?

Then, the never-ending pokes that the current First Lady of the United States bears. She's always criticized for donning fashionable outfits during her official outings. Wouldn't it be deceptive of her to drop her style and pick up the "boring matching suit look" of most women in politics just because she's now the First Lady? She just continued being herself and I applaud her for that. Why clad yourself in fake modesty when you'll still get criticized for it anyway? It seems like whenever she shows up at functions, critics throw words and phrases like, "inappropriate, showing off, wrong choice, expensive..." When will these critics realize that for some women, fashion is more than the outfit? When will these critics realize that fashion can serve as a great mood-changer for women burdened with too many "uncalled-for" issues?

Fashionable women in politics or positions of leadership have always been targeted by people who think that being smart shouldn't extend to a great sense of fashion. If she has brains, she's supposed to be clothed in loose, mono-color skirt or pant suits because those who wear colorful perfectly-fitted outfits are usually dumb so they try to distract you from their shortcomings with their clothing.

That's why I'm such a fan of female leaders who have shown class in their own way through their actions as well as their sense of style. Gosh, I still remember Michelle Obama's dresses that showed off her jealous-worthy toned arms.

Let women be women. If they feel some sort of empowerment by making a statement through fashion, let them be. They've been through so much in this largely patriarchal world. They are still finding their foothold in positions of leadership. They shouldn't have to be boring to be taken seriously by men. They shouldn't have to tone down their sense of fashion for fear that a man would take it the wrong way. Jacqueline Kennedy said, "I am a woman above everything else," and she held on to her womanhood with pride. She rocked her pearls, her hair, and her smile. She did it with confidence.

Let women be. Let them be fashionable without feeling like they owe everyone an explanation.  There is a difference between dressing inappropriately and dressing nicely.

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