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Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Ordinary Movie - CO2

Yes, I am referring to CO2 gas. Have you heard of the unfortunate event that occurred in Cameroon in 1986? Where a cloud of CO2  gas from a lake suffocated people and their livestock? Lake Nyos, located a few miles northwest of Yaounde, is surrounded by a volcanic plain. Underneath the lake lies magma that leaks carbon dioxide into the water. In August 1986, Lake Nyos emitted a cloud of carbon dioxide that suffocated both humans and livestock in nearby villages.
Based on this true event comes a suspense adventure film called CO2. A mysterious and deadly vapor suffocates a small American coal town, but a determined group of survivors attempts to survive and escape this circumstance.    

Check out the trailer 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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