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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trendsetting – Meet Kalo

Fashion now knows no boundaries. Gone are the days when we wore white shoes to match our white handbags or black bow-ties for every suit we owned. Today, rules are being set by individuals themselves and we know them as “fashion trendsetters.”
According to Modelinia.com I'm a RULE BREAKER
I do not care about the rules...I express myself through the things I wear...I throw it on, I plan it, I mix black and brown, I 'cross-pattern,' and I decide! But if you are to label my style I like to call it “androgynous posh-punk.” I am greatly influenced by the chic-posh style of Victoria Beckham and the London-punk style of Agyness Deyn. Those are my major style icons.

Photo 1

Victoria Beckham
In Photo 1: I'm wearing oversized Zoot suit pants with a BCBG shirt tucked in, an H&M belt, J.Crew heel-boots, and a beaten up vintage bag. I was showcasing the "long view trend" of fall 2010. It is now bye bye minis and short dresses and hello floor sweeping skirts and trousers. I was also showcasing a 70s rock star vibe as the 70s designs are big right now hence the glasses, the bangles, and the long silhouette and I love brown at the moment. Camels and browns make a perfect palette for this fall and of course camel is the new black! I Love to mix. Masculine, feminine, shiny, matte, pattern/plain, everything! Life is about mixing and taking different influences. You can be chic and simple but always take it to a fun, experimental level. I guess I'm experimental-chic.

Photo 2

Agyness Deyn

In Photo 2: I liked pulling off this summery, androgynous look. It is very Agyness Deyn, 60s, and also Paul Smith influenced. Paul smith does a lot with blazers and blurring the gender boundaries in terms of who is wearing them, and what they are worn with. Check out the spring 2011 collection.

So what am I wearing? Oversized blazer from Sears, red polo (H&M) with red shorts (BCBG). I love contrasts, the bright feminine, and colorful is juxtaposed with the darker navy blue oversized men's blazer. I'd say I wanted minimalist classic pieces of a red polo, a pair of red shorts, and a navy blue blazer but I wanted the minimalism to have an edge. A bad-a** attitude, i.e, showing lots of leg, and wearing the bright color. Overall I like the balance of fragility, glamour, confidence, and fierceness.

I never do color on color but the way fashion is going, color on color is a huge trend this fall and next spring. Some designers who wanted to express that boldness of the 70s and 80s showed us that MORE COLOR is MORE. Red is huge this summer and fall. Go buy yourself a red coat.

To see the explosion of the long flowy silhouettes that are being revived, look at the lovely collections of FENDI:


Photo 3

In Photo 3: I am wearing a black Forever 21 sweater, random beige Shorts, Forever 21 tights, and Kenneth Cole boots. YES VERY TOKYO/LONDON street style. I love the fashion from these two cities. They are more experimental there, I would fit in.

Photo 4

In Photo 4: Kalo with a New York designer, Tatyana Tat, at the Menswear Collections in DC.



  1. I really like Kalo's detailed info on fashion. Tres Bien Excellent! It's really awesome!!! Kalo will be a GREAT fit as a column writer for magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, or InStyle. You rock Kalo!! OY


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