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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Men in Suits


A man in a well-tailored suit passes by and my first thought is "responsible." It's funny how we easily associate one's dressing with the kind of person they may be. I was curious about the origins of suits and I found out that suits originated in Europe. Over the years, it's function as a formal wear has been diluted to Informal/Business Casual. It doesn't matter what type a man wears (business suit, dinner suit, or lounge suit) or what cut (single-breasted, or double-breasted). It just happens that men in suits are classy even though a man in a semi-formal suit  may not have the same effect as a man in a three piece suit. Dressing in a suit automatically elevates the status and appeal of a man. Old Hollywood knew men in suits and the ladies miss that look. Today dressing in a suit with the appropriate accessories is mostly left for formal occasions. I wish men would listen to Barney Stinson when he says "Suit up." And men, there is a reason why the ladies swoon when they watch Don Draper in Mad Men and Neal Caffrey in White Collar (besides their obvious good looks).


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