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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ma Jeans


w dinkel

Elastane is now being added to denim to enhance its fitness to various body types. This is desirable because more people can find a pair of Jeans that fit them. There is a growing concern when purchasing a pair of Jeans because people don't usually find the right styles that fit them. This is because denim is not a material that is easily tailored or takes a shape easily. Did you know that denim was originally made for work because its texture is sturdy enough to prevent injury in the work place? Now it is casually dressed around the world. It is great to own some pair of Jeans but I would advice every individual to own the right one. Jeans can look very unflattering if it is the wrong one. So, when buying a pair of Jeans, do not buy it because it is the latest trend or because you like how it fits a model. Try it on and look at yourself in the mirror. If there is a moment of "urgh," take it off. You should admire yourself in the pair of Jeans you buy. You have that instinct, you would know if it is the wrong pair.

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