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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


a kartha


While Halloween was fun, I was being told about a festival called Diwali also referred to as the festival of lights. Imagine yourself sitting on a porch, it is dark outside and the only sources of light are from scary pumpkin faces. But the scariness changed when I was listening to the narration of a festival that lasts for five days and families perform activities together in their homes. My narrator was an Indian and you could tell that this festival was one of the best things to look forward to based on the way she enthusiastically narrated it. She described what Diwali meant in her tribe because Diwali isn't just celebrated by Indians. She talked about the lights, the games, the rangoli (colorful art), the sweets, and the new dresses. After a few minutes of listening to her, I forgot about the scary state of my surroundings and fully immersed myself into her tale. I cannot effectively tell you what and how I was told, but you can have an idea of how I felt by looking for someone from another culture and asking them to tell you about any festivities that they enjoy. I assure you that, as long as they enjoy that festivity, they won't spare any detail when telling you about it. You will find yourself picturing this festivity like you are involved and you will leave with something cool like I did with the Diwali!  
Want to learn more, google Diwali and Rangoli


(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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  1. Awesome that u should mention Diwali. i just heard about it for the first time on the show "outsourced" . Btw i love your blogs :)


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